Child Development Center Director

Child Development Center Director

Amy Radabaugh has worked for the Portland Church of the Nazarene Child Development Center since August 2010. She was the lead infant teacher until November 2015. She has served as the finance manager and most recently as the Interim Director. Amy has been married for 15 years. She has two children, Justin (10) and Eli (7). She says, “I was blessed with both children through the gift of adoption and I am forever in awe of God’s handiwork.” “I was raised in the Nazarene Church in South Bend, IN. As a teen I didn’t really have a ‘need’ for Christ. I never did anything bad, I just never had a reason to reach out to him. I lived a very lukewarm life. God used my desire to be a mom to bring me closer to him. As I surrendered my will to him he blessed me beyond what I could imagine on that day I held my baby boy in my arms. As I continue to seek Christ and his will for my life I am constantly reminded of His love for me and am blessed to serve HIM through the Child Development Center,” said Amy.

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