Child Development Center

Child Development Center

Our purpose

Portland Church of the Nazarene has been a part of the fabric of Portland, Michigan for over eighty years. We exist to serve the spiritual needs of families in our community. The Portland Church of the Nazarene Child Development Center (CDC) has grown out of the mission.

Our vision

Central to that existence and vital to our growth is a deep desire to equip children to make value-based decisions and become successful contributing family members and citizens as adults. What a wonderful investment in families and our community!

Our mission

Portland Church of the Nazarene believes God has given us the mission of helping children succeed in life. Thus our theme: “Kidz First.” Every decision we make revolves around whether that decision stays true to our mission.

Our strategies

Our new Family Life Center is reflective of that mission with a 2,400 square foot indoor play- ground, full-sized gymnasium and a 1,200 square foot youth center surrounded by numerous learning and activity rooms. This facility is not only available to those who attend Portland Church of the Nazarene but the entire Portland Community for special gatherings and occasions. Our staff have been hired because of their passion for youth accompanied by their educational and experiential backgrounds that offer tools to meet our mission.

Our objective

To partner with you to put your child(ren) first by providing a safe place to thrive physically, emotionally, mentally socially and spiritually—all within a Christian context.
This school year Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you to put your children first.